Covcell RLA GED Program

RLA GED Prep Program by Covcell is aligned with the 2018 GED Language Test. This test is 150 minutes long, and it has about 53 questions from 3 main categories: Grammar, Reading, and Writing. You will also be asked to write an essay. An essay is worth 20% of the whole score Reading 45% Writing (more…)

Covcell Science GED Program

Science GED Prep Program by Covcell is aligned with the 2018 GED Science Test. This test is 90 minutes long and has about 34-40 questions from 3 main categories, the most important are on Life Science -40% Physics-40% Earth and Space Science -20% You need to answer correctly between 22 and 26 questions.  Covcell (more…)

Covcell Social Studies GED Program

Social Studies GED Prep Program by Covcell is aligned with the 2018 GED Social Studies Test. This test is 70 minutes long and contains multiple choice questions. The social studies test has questions from four content domains: Civics and Government 50% United States History 20% Geography and the World 15% Economics 15%  There are usually (more…)

Covcell Math GED Program

Math GED Prep Program by Covcell is aligned with the 2018 GED Math Test. This test is 115 minutes long, and it has about 45-49 questions from 4 main categories: Solving Equation 30% Graphs and functions 25% Number Sense, Order of Operation, Probability 25% Geometry (Triangles are the most commonly-tested geometry question type ) 20% You (more…)

How to start with the GED Prep

Finding complete information about GED Prep Programs and Pre GED Prep can consume a lot of time and require hours of research. We at Covcell want to save hours of your time and so here you will find answers to the most important questions about preparation for your GED® Test. Where to Begin With The GED (more…)

TASC Exam and Practice Tests Explained

These days, holding at least a secondary education degree is critical. There’s hardly any job available that doesn’t require at least a high school or equivalent diploma. So if you, for whatever reason, couldn’t complete your high school education, there is always the option to earn your high school equivalency (HSE) credential. For some seven decades, (more…)

GED Lesson Plans 2018

One of the most popular parts of the Covcell GED Prep is a module included in every GED Subject prep that includes Lesson-Plans. These lesson-plans have a list of topics you need to know in order to pass the GED® Test.  Our goal is to create a structured plan that you can follow and organize your (more…)