We created this study plan suggesting that you will learn for the GED Math test 3 times a week. In this way, you will get the learning momentum but not feel overwhelmed.

If you will keep learning 3 times a week, for example on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (as we suggest in this study plan), you will cover materials required for the GED Math test in 12 weeks.

One learning module can take 45-60 minutes.  During the learning time, you will watch 3 short video lessons. We believe that presenting information in a visual way will speed up your learning.

To make sure you understand these lessons, you should take a mini-quiz that relates to the lesson, and after every chapter, take a longer practice test.

For your convenience, these lessons link directly to online video classes provided by Covcell (access to video lessons need to be purchased separately). You can, of course, use these planners with your favorite GED book or any other online course.

Week 45
Week 6
Week 11
Week 12