GED Prep Overview

Covcell GED® Prep Programs for 4 GED subjects make studying for the test easy and stress-free.

This course provides the core knowledge needed to pass the 4 GED® Tests. Covcell Tutors will teach you everything you need to know to pass the GED Math, Social Studies, Science, and RLA Tests. Covcell will also show how to write a GED Essay and short responses in Science so can you understand how to get maximum points for these tasks.

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The course covers solving common math, science, and reading comprehension problems, and explore social studies and English grammar topics.

Covcell GED Programs are favored by many successful people for the no-nonsense approach and effectiveness.

Effective and Proven GED Preparation
  • 480 Video Lessons. Watch video lessons covering the four GED subject tests
  • 94 Comprehensive Practice Tests and 366 mini-quizzes to identify your weak and strong points
  • GED Test Taking Strategies. Smart strategies for passing the GED Test, learn what works the best
  • Progress Tracking. Easily resume your learning any time you log into your account on any device; your progress will be synchronized
  • Motivation and Confidence Techniques
  • Friendly Support
Interesting, Full of Images Video Lessons

Key Features

      • Video lessons are short and focus only on one concept at a time
      • After every video, there is a mini-quiz to check your understanding of the lesson
      • The difficulty of the lessons grows gradually; we start with the easiest lessons
      • Our videos are full of images so you can remember more
      • Test Taking Strategies explain how to prepare in a smart way
      • After every chapter, there are longer practice tests so you can identify your weak and strong points
      • You decide about your pace: it can be a few weeks, months, or years. You are the boss
What Our Students Say

The courses are brilliant. Plenty of practice tests with clear instructions and examples. I passed all my GED tests and that was thanks to the confidence gained through Covcell .” Sarah

“As someone who has done no serious learning since leaving school 12 years ago the thought of the GED test was daunting. But this course walked me through all needed steps, without making me feel stupid. It took me 11 months but I passed all fours tests, including Math, and believe me when I say – I didn’t think it was possible!” Jennifer G.