Help for GED Students

We help students pass the GED Test and get a job. We provide courses and guidance.

People who didn’t finish high school have the same problems.

  • Their potential is unrecognized 

  • They lack opportunities and

  • Their reputation is not optimized for well-paid jobs.

Good news? We know how to change it.

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The decision about getting the GED is more than just passing the test. It’s about adjusting your image and presenting yourself in a different way, so you can fully benefit from all possible opportunities.

We help in two ways: providing proved GED Prep (previously Covcell) and teaching how to optimize your reputation in the Reputation Plus course.

GED Prep (Covcell)
We will show you effective study methods and unlock your learning potential.
  • You will get prepared to successfully pass all four GED® tests
  • Include video lessons, practice tests, progress tracking, and strategies
  • Our lessons focus on narrow topics and explain difficult concepts in an easy-to-understand way
Reputation Plus
This course shows how you can increase your “value” by presenting yourself in an optimized way.

  • You will learn how to write a resume that gets you hired
  • How to create positive online results when somebody looks you up online
  • 17 way of financing your education, or business idea

Here How Oregat Works

Oregat gives access to our 2 courses. GED Prep and Reputation Plus. You can also purchase these courses separately.

  • GED Prep includes full GED Prep with video lessons, mini-quizzes after every lesson and practice tests. You will have access to all lessons in once
  • Reputation Plus after you enroll, you will be given weekly access to a set of video lessons. You will review the video lessons during the week
Sync Across All Your Devices

You can easily resume your learning any time you log into your account on any device; your progress will be synchronized. You will also be able to check your previous answers and see the improvement.

Productive Preparation & Expert Guidance

Efficient and strategic, our courses make the most of every minute you spend prepping. Take your GED prep to the next level. Our instructors help you get the score you want with effective strategy and practice.