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How to Save Your Progress

You can save your progress in two ways.

  • If a lesson has NO quizzes you will see the button: “Mark complete” that is located under the article. Click this button to save your progress.
  • If a lesson HAS a quiz, then there will be no “Mark complete” button.
    Your progress will be saved when you will take the quiz and click on the button “Click here to continue.” This button will be visible after the quiz.

Your progress is indicated by the green dots and line. Here is the location of your progress indicators.

Where to begin with GED Prep

You should choose the subject that’s easiest for you. In general, the goal is to go through a series of small successes to develop confidence in your capabilities. We call this the principle of “small steps.” Ask yourself: what topics are easier for me: Math, Language, Science, or Social Studies? Most people choose the Language Test as their first exam. Check also this video for more details.

How to Resume Your Learning

The lessons that you completed have green dots next to their titles.  You can easily resume your learning any time you log in to your account. To do so, click on the next lesson with a grey dot next to its name. Lessons with grey dots are the lessons that you didn’t watch yet.

Lessons with green dots are completed. Lessons with grey dots are not.
How to Check Your Previous Answers

To check your previous quiz answers, go to the page “My dashboard”.

Click on the small arrow next to the name of the course. You can now see all the details about your quizzes, including your score and statistics.

Quizzes. How to check the correct answer & explanation

Once you complete the quiz, you’ll see a results page from which you can easily review any question. To check the correct answers and explanations, click on “view questions”.

Speed up or slow down video lessons

You can optimize your learning experience by slowing down or speeding up videos, allowing the ability to catch fine details and consume content faster than ever.

To open the speed control menu, tap on the gear icon in the lower right corner of the embedded player. Under the speed menu, you can select different values for playback speed:

0.5x–  0.5 times slower than normal speed
Normal-Default Speed
1.25x– 1.25 times faster than normal speed
1.5x–  1.5 times faster than normal speed
2x– 2 times faster than normal speed

Note: Both video and audio will be adjusted for all speed preferences.

Speed can be adjusted at any time before and during playback. You can modify the playback speed by clicking the gear icon in the player

Speed controls can be also accessed on iPhone and Android phones.

How do I adjust the volume of a video. Solution to no audio

If the video plays but there is no sound, please check if the sound is turned up on the (Vimeo) video player. It might happen that at some point you turned down the volume on the player, then it will remain that volume on any Vimeo video you watch.

To adjust the volume click on the volume icon (see the image below.)


How to check the latest updates

We add new stuff all the time, you can check what’s new here.

How to cancel a free trial?

You can cancel your trial during the first 7 days after sign-up. To cancel your free trial, follow these steps:

    1. Log in to your account
    2. Click on “My Account” from the menu located in the top right corner.
    3. Click on “My Subscription.”
    4. On this page, you will see the item called “Actions” and next to it a button “Cancel”. Click this button.
    5. Your membership to Covcell is canceled and you will be not billed.

How to upgrade/change plans?
    1. Log in to your account.
    2. Click on “My Account” from the menu located in the top right corner.
    3. Click on “My Subscription.”
    4. On this page under” Subscription Totals”, you see a button called “Upgrade.”

  1. On the Upgrade page, choose “1” next to the name of the plan: Optime or Maxime.
  2. Click “sign up” and follow the directions on the next page to finalize your upgrade.
  3. You will immediately have access to a new upgraded plan.
How do I cancel my monthly subscription?

Follow these steps:

  1. Click on your “Account” or “My Account”  link in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Follow the instruction on the screen.
  1. Click here for more FAQ