Covcell GED Prep is regularly updated to fit the requirements of the GED Testing Service and recent GED tests.  New/updated lessons were added to the members’ dashboard.
Here is a short overview of the new content.

Pre GED Math -26 lessons with mini-quizzes


  • Life Science: Human Body and Health
  • Genetics and Heredity
  • Evolution
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

RLA Essay (Extended Response) module got new lessons.

  • Strategies for Writing the RLA Essay
  • Practicing RLA Essay Writing and Finding Examples
Math Course got 3 new lessons in Solving Equations module
  • Algebraic expressions
  • Algebraic expression, terms, coefficients, and constants
  • Introduction to Equations and Solving Equations

Math Course got 2 new lessons in Graphing module

  • Coordinate Plane
  • Slope, Parallel Lines and Perpendicular Lines


  • Time Management and the GED Test
  • How to Choose What To Learn First
  • 3 Paths to GED Success
  • How to Build Up Your Motivation and Confidence including Motivated Mindset eBook
  • How to Use Pomodoro Method to Increase Your Productivity
  • We added GED Lesson Study Plans to every subject course.
  • We added Printable Quick Study Guides for Math and Social Studies